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Your 2024 Board Members are listed below with a brief description of their responsibilities.  If you are interested in learning more about a specific role or would like to join the board in the future, please contact a member of the board.  

Co-Presidents: Lauren Massy & Natsuko Thomas

Member of the Executive Board; overall management of the program 

Secretary: Janyl Jentlie

Member of the Executive Board; manages all program documentation including rosters, meeting minutes, website updates and calendar events 

Treasurer: Dawn Williams

Member of the Executive Board; manages all financial responsibilities including filing taxes, program budget and processing of payments

Sideline Team Directors:
Lauren Avirett & Erin Linder

Manages the Gym Coaches, Student Coaches and game day related cheer directions.

Uniform/ Equipment Directors:
Sarah Kovacik & Lisa Varshine

Responsible for all uniforms including ordering, fittings, used items sale, and all  other duties related to uniforms/equipment

Special Events Coordinator

Responsible for ensuring they and/or committees plan and execute all duties for Special Events (i.e. Picture Day, Jr Raiders Night, End of Season Banquet, etc)

Volunteer Coordinator: Sarah Forbes

Responsible for the scheduling and recruitment of parent volunteers for all games and special events.

Football Liaison: Kim Clevenger

Responsible for working with the Jr Raiders Football board to share communication about game schedules, special events, and any other related information to ensure both programs are working in a close partnership throughout the season.

Spirit Wear Director

Responsible for sourcing, ordering and distribution of all optional spirit wear items. 


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